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Read this Book, See this Film: Kobo Abe’s “Woman in the Dunes”

Both are outstanding, and exhibit one of those rare instances where a given piece of media is not superior over the other (book > film); instead, each piece is imbued with the meanings and the underlying notions of the work, while exemplifying the strengths of the form it inhabits (Abe wrote both novel and screenplay, with longtime collaborator Hiroshi Teshigahara at the helm of the picture).

Both novel and film are an exercise in modern existentialism, to be sure, but not the contrived “triumphs” of a Sartre protagonist (smug motherfuckers they be – “The tree – C’est Existence!”). This smacks of the kind of abject terror of Camus, the railing against the fates amidst a kind of unceasing helplessness. The good shit.

At times, both can drag on the senses (the book more than the film, understandably – you’ll start to think in sand, rolling down the sides of your temples), but definitely worth a gander. Particularly if you enjoy the silent shrieks that strike the chord of night, hollow against the meaningless construct of the self.

BONUS: The Myth of Sisyphus essay by Albert Camus, for all my nyerds. One has to work a Sisyphean reference when discussing Woman in the Dunes, one way or another!

We Live In Public and DIG!




Two supremely outstanding documentaries by the impeccably named Ondi Timoner. Look upon Ondi’s works, ye mighty, and despair!

Bonus docu-computrain collision.

The Art of Akira

If anyone lives in Pittsburgh, hop on over to the hideously named Toonseum and check out the full exhibit to (one of) the greatest animated films of all time! In the meantime, have a gander at some online selections from the exhibit.

An Akira anecdote – a few days ago, I stepped on and nearly shattered an empty glass that was laying on its side at the foot of my bed, after which I said to no one, “Good job, Tetsuo!” Hilarious.

Raisin Brahms

An PSA for the Arts from a while back. So many specific visuals have popped out in my head, so here it is, popping out on my blog!

The only reason I’m updating this is to divert my focus away from The Wire Season 4 (a watched wire doesn’t boil, you hear me, shitbird? get to the fucking roofs!).

Eugenics Rankings

Whites Win! Just kidding. This is an artist’s reference sheet, also useful in racial profiling and eugenics rankings.

This is immediately achieve-ably fucking brilliant

And that fucker beat me to it, whoever this is. Nothing more deserving of the “immediately achievable… mad someone…” tag than this. This was something I was conceptualizing (how to make reading a more interactive experience by physically or virtually navigating through the text) that hadn’t quite edified or hatched yet. Poop and whiskers, he or her beat me it!

On a positive note, I reached a fairly startling artistic epiphany (unrelated partially but not entirely to navi-text above) just moments ago re: a project I am working on. Excelsior! Suck a dick, whoever made this!

The Illustrations of “Piccoli”

In 1953, a man had his children’s book illustrated with the sickest, slickest shapelines that ever plopped on the page.

In 2009, someone scanned those illustrations and posted them on their blog. 49 Years, and still fresh.

Click here to see the shapelines.

The Human Motion Sculptures of Thomas Flair

See more of Thomas’ work here.

Time-Lapse ambidexterous drawing of Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins

I don’t know what else you can be led to expect.

The Atlas Art of Fernando Vicente