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(Assumedly) Every Billy Dee Williams Televised Endorsement, Baby

Stay sexy.

Troll 2

The entire steaming mess.

First saw this film at a midnight screening two years ago. I was at a party beforehand, and thought it sage to get reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllly drunk before the screening. I tripped over the vinyl barricades at the theatre. The troll costumes made me dizzy. I felt bitter towards the end, with the woman and the trolls. Do not drink and watch this movie.

Two Children Attempt to Rob a Police Station

This is no fucking joke. Forgo the douchey “reporter” and mute British woman, and instead focus on the insanity of the events. All I can think of is GTA.

Old Russian Man Arrested for DUI

Ha! Wonderful. The cops’ reaction is wonderful.

Poledancefan And His Sweet Hot Moves

Direct from the video description:

As soon as I got home, I favorited the vid, watched the segment over and over 5-6 times. My butt was up over my head on the second attempt, LOL!

Practice got cut short when Laurie called for dinner, but I got the pose up twice for a second or two. Now I’m stuffed and I can’t practice because she made biscuits and honey and I had four of them and a beer, too!”

See Poledancefans oeuvre here.

I can’t resist. These are just too good. Excerpts from his Youtube User Description:

“A Two Inch Pole (50MM) is Coming Soon! I Starting the New Project Today December 6th 2008 –Joel.”

“2. Can Pole Dancing as a sport exist side by side with its big “sister”, the erotic pole dance and stripping? In male sports, “ultimate fighting” co-exists with its more regulated form, boxing. Why isn’t pole afforded the same privilege?”

“5. Could you ever envision Pole as an Olympic sport? How would it be judged? Would there be mandatory “figures”–as in ice skating? A freestyle event? Would music be permitted? What about floorwork?–given that many competition routines involve vaults and set-ups from floor poses. Would pumps/thrusts/slides be banned?”

Interests and Hobbies: Bike Riding Music Reggae Rock Country… Anything Really Bicycling Panera’s Restaurant”

“Movies and Shows: Eagerly awaiting next season of Battlestar.”

BLOGUPDATE: Hacking Construction Signs

Photos taken near the University of Texas in Austin (further cementing my love for said city).

Step By Step Guide to Hacking Roadside Construction Signs

Finally, I can endanger the lives of innocents. Learn how here.