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This is one of my absolute favorite pieces of media from the past half decade. I’ve synced/watched it at least four times, and have listened to the audio twice as many as that (most of those being flights, which I highly recommend after having watched it once). Quite simply, I think this is one of the best written pieces of modern comedy I’ve encountered.

Wizard People, Dear Reader is Brad Neely’s re-recording of the entirety of the dialogue from 2001’s ugly “Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone.” Neely is also one of the premier brick-layers at what used to be, where he produced a shit ton of stellar animated shorts

extensions of the style developed in Creased Comics

God, I’m so tempted to just start quoting lines, but I can’t rob any new-viewers the pleasure of going in uninformed. Just, trust me; this thing is brilliant. On the extra-omnibus, this thing would be riding first class.



Oh my god, Ho-ma-ge(d).

Hey everyone, look at me, I’m a cowboy! Howdy, Howdy, Howdy!”


The Best of What’s Available: Arnocorps

Concrete TV

Any self-respecting fan of new york public access should know what the fuck is going on right herre – it’s Concrete TV, baby! This was late-90’s EIT and the lot when EIT was just a snot bubble on ya mama’s cheek. Get home from a dorm party with cheap vodka and cheaper rum to buzz out to Concrete TV, some of my finest memories in the Big Fuck Apple. And the late-night Puerto Rican soft-core! And some crazy black man with dread’s who had a show called “(Eponymous)’s World” or something, and ran around homelessly harassing bystanders; Gods, MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network, channels 57, 58, 59 and 60), how I miss thee.

People Keep Jacking Bob Fosse’s Moves

Each of the above clips come courtesy of Bob Fosse (in fact, Robert is The Snake in The Little Price clip on the bottom). The question is: do these white people have rhythm, and movement? Or is it some strange form of rhythmimickry, giving the appearance of coordinated, sophisticated movement, belying an unknowing, unseeing, unfeeling flail?

Weird, deleted sentence: What astounds me is that, creatively speaking, for once it wasn’t [white people] who repurposed and repackaged the original, but [black people] to [white people]! Holy cats!

Postmodern Warrior: I’m So Blue

Just creating a database, that’s all.

South Eater

An inter-oldie from (relatively) back in the day. I assume, that is. Back in the day. Having only seen this now, I cannot confirm said assumption.

God bless the Japanese.

The Book Autopsies of Brian Dettmer

Books are dead; Brian Dettmer has taken up the knife to find out what killed them (turns out, it was too many words and not enough pictures). The only question that remains is, how does this Kevorkian distinguish between books that are deceased and those that are still alive? My guess is he doesn’t care. The knife cuts either way.

See more litericides here.

Simply Confounding

Absolutely… confounding. Candidates for Theories:

1) This is a friend, and I know this person

2) This is a robot, trying to convince me to buy [something]

3) This is a crazy person

Needless to say, I hope it’s the latterest (though I’m almost positive it’s the formerest). Which only makes me a little sad.

BUT, if you are an actual crazy person, I would happily deign your confoundments with a response! Say something extra insane to certify your mental health, and I will answer any query you pose.


I would also like to take this moment to salute a true omnibus hero: this Eastern European fellow!

Follow the link and use a free translator; much more pleasing to read than roundabout imbibement questions.

Schulz City: That Yellow Shirted Such-and-Such