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BLOGUPDATE: Creator of “Adventure Time” wrote and storyboarded “Flapjack”!!!!!!



Not only that, but he also wrote one of Flapjack’s greatest episodes – Gone Wishin’!

To celebrate this once-scorned now-shared heritage, the Omnibus proudly presents a host of “Adventure Time” episodes, compiled by some awful anime website.

in addition to this sweet art press set for the show, from Frederator Studios!

Algebraic!                 Mathematical!

Creating Synthetic Life: Your Questions Answered (a roundtable)

First off, before any real inter-post discussion can begin, it needs to be stated that Paula Zahn is a blathering titmouse, a hideous non-formant who tows the expected line without fucking listening, because she cannot muster that matter of grey to respond in a thoughtful, thinking way. As the show progresses, you can almost see the violent fantasies projecting out of Jay Craig Venter’s science head, regarding Ms. Zahn and logic slapping.

Now: this is a meaty mother fucker. Watch this, please; I beg of you. It is so exciting, so full of possibilities, and (on the part of Mr. Venter and Mr. Specter), so refreshingly intellectually responsible. For me, it manages to transcend (!?) the topic of “creating life” to become a larger discussion on intellectual/creative responsibility, being so eloquently defended by those within from the unceasing unimaginative attacks from those without. For every time I want to scream at StupidEmptyHead Zahn or the Priest, “You’re harping on the same fears that would have prevented us from developing vaccines, dum-dums!” the scientists, the writers, the elevated scholars do the job for me (in whispered, polysyllabic tones). Beautiful all around.

Also, Science Channel is the motherfucking shit. I love it so much. I will miss it, when it’s gone (How Is This Made, I will continually ask myself).

Dumb Idiot tag applied here to ButtMouthandFace Zahn.

Hell. Fucking. Yeah.

From the Chicago Tribune:

“Researchers have discovered antibodies that can protect against a wide range of AIDS viruses and said they may be able to use them to design a vaccine against the fatal and incurable virus.

The bodies of some people make these immune system proteins after they are infected with the AIDS virus, when it is too late for them to do much good. But a properly designed vaccine might help the body make them much sooner, the researchers reported in Friday’s issue of the journal Science.

“I am more optimistic about an AIDS vaccine at this point in time than I have been probably in the last 10 years,” Dr. Gary Nabel of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who led the study, said in a telephone interview.

Two of the antibodies can attach to and neutralize 90 percent of the various mutations of the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS, Nabel said.

“This is an antibody that evolved after the fact. That is part of the problem we have in dealing with HIV — once a person becomes infected, the virus always gets ahead of the immune system,” Nabel said.

“What we are trying to do with a vaccine is get ahead of the virus.””

The Story of Stuff: The Story of Bottled Water

My gods, this is better than Bullshit. “I’m Penn, and This Is Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Asshole Las Vegas Bullshit.”

Also, I’ve been a bit blustered lately, having been traveling in and around these United States, making dummies cry on TF2 on Personal Computer at PAX East. Hoo-yah!

Immediately Achievable Space Travel

Super great, or super terrifying. Space life! Isaac!

Probably something near the middle. Ah, middling reality – you always settle into the creases and folds. My vote still goes to extra-sensory media lives (see here for here), but this will still slide by as a “life-affirming media,” if only for semantic’s sake.

Craig Ferguson Redeems Everything (with Stephen Fry)

Meant to post this a while back, but the title still retains. The absolute best, the big titties. Stephen Fry is the continual redeemer, and Craig Ferguson is the newly anointed. Deliberately loaded language?

Old Crookedhats’ Team Fortress 2 Mix

A megamix made by myself (I’m Old Crookedhats, as it were) for all my TF2 homies, BFF or otherwise. Titular puns abound, I assure you.


  1. Poetic Introduction (How to Conquer the Video Craze – Curtis Hoard)
  2. The Scout (Scatterbrain [Four Tet remix] – Radiohead/Four Tet)
  3. Poetic Interlude: One (The Solider – Seven Seasons)
  4. The Soldier (Soldier Girl (remix) – RJD2)
  5. The Pyro (Love -> Building on Fire – Talking Heads)
  6. Poetic Interlude: Two (Into Battle – Julia Renfrom)
  7. The Demoman (Sweet Sticky Thing – Ohio Players)
  8. The Heavy (A Heavy Dude – Curtis Mayfield)
  9. The Engineer (Machine – The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s)
  10. Poetic Interlude: Three (Anthem for Doomed Youth – Wilfred Owen)
  11. The Medic (Girl You Have No Faith in Medicine – The White Stripes)
  12. The Sniper (Boom Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker)
  13. The Spy (The Spy – The Doors)
  14. Poetic Outlude (We Have Been Here Before – Morris Bishop)

Anyway, I love this game! Healthy or not, the love is there.

(2) 100 Quotes from The Wire

200 quotes from The Wire? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyit.

Machine Translates Thoughts into Speech in Real-Time (and makes the future)

This is, and I quote, “the first successful demonstration of a permanently installed, wireless implant for real-time control of an external device.” So, holy shit. This is it. This is the future. This is transcendence from the prison of the corporeal; a thought based existence. This is the proclamation of the movie Naked:

(also sampled here, for the honking record). BMI – say it with me, BMI. Then, read the article and think out loud, I swear to gods. Get the fuck out of this physical bullshit, sleeping and pooping and getting cancers and breathing pollution; an existence of thought, freed through machines.

This is not some Francis E. Dec Esq. prattling, I assure you. This is cogent, clear thought (dressed up in my vernacular, but potent nonetheless). Think and be free, muthafuckas. Think and be free.

Afterthought: Like the clip from Naked says, an apocalypse-sized catalyst is the right magnitude to trigger/necessitate this change of form. Kind of like Noah’s ark, except instead of a boat, it’s the realm of thought, and instead of a gods’ rain, it’s global climate change (can’t blame the gods for this one). 00110010 00110000 00110001 00110010 00100000 01101101 01110101 01110100 01101000 01100001 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 01100001 01110011

The Brave Little Toaster

(-)the first ten minutes, sadly. Oh well – you still got “Worthless” and the lonely rose, you miserable scamps!