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Wikipedia Entry of the Moment: Grand Upright Music, Ltd. v. Warner Bros. Records Inc.

It’s been a while since Wikipedia reared its’ ugly heads on this site, but we have a winner; the death of the freedom of sampling in hip-hop music. Biz Markie was the sacrificial lamb on this one, being struck down by those representing Gilbert O’Sullivan (whose name is deliriously close to Gilbert & Sullivan). This case ushered the end of copyright-free sampling and introduced the genre to interpolation, the process of re-recording the instrumentals, paying the original artist minimal royalties. Anyways, a change of order, for better or for Puff Daddy.

Wikipeia Entry of the Moment: SN 1572

“SN” is short for Super Nova; “Super Nova” is short for Big Fuck Explosion in Outer Space.

Why is this interesting or unique, you may be asking yourself in English or Russian. Well, this was one of only eight supernovas in recorded history to be visible to the naked eye. And it occured in 1572, which means the witnessing population thought God was angry at them for eating meat on Friday or some such something.

Wikipedia Entry of the Moment: Prisoner’s Dilemma

An iteration of game theory that basically formalizes the model with prison sentence punishments/payoffs and goes on to reveal-reduce humanity as lying, treacherous vermin. The most interesting aspect of the article is its applications to the social sciences, such as the political (arms races as modes of the prisoner’s dilemma) and the UK version of Big Brother (that was only nearly a joke). If you don’t have the patience to read through the article, then you are an idiot. I would sell you out in a second for freedom, you illiterate slag.

Wikipedia Entry of the Moment

Try and read that shit – it’s tiny!

Click on the image to access the entry, you listless fool.