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And Now, It’s Time to Learn the Theremin

I’m not posting these for the purpose of derision (at least, I think I’m not…), I’ve just always found the theremin strangely compelling, the same way I find this individual strangely compelling. It’s metaphysically analogous to the way dog owners resemble their pets, only it’s this guy and a theremin. Again, not necessarily derision, just…slack jawed fascination?

Also want to put in there that, after blasting through a few of these, the theremin looks like a bitch to play. That’s probably what’s continually stopping me from deriding; base respect. (?)


More Team Fortress Wankery

This sudden and relative inflow of TF2 videos is probably just in preparation for the replacement black-sexy XBOX I’m picking up Aug. 2nd, and the Intensive Playment Play that will ensue.

A Song, by Diane Drangle

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this. The series as a whole makes me fairly uncomfortable, but this, the timing of this short intro, is throat-chortlingly brilliant. I think about it, in the darkness; I can hear Dr. Steve, reciting, reciting, quietly, quietly.

The Wonderful Unknowable #6

Well, to be perfectly fair, I do know what this is, but I’ll be gahldamnitted if this isn’t an entirely unknowable piece of media. Gary Coleman has transcended into the realm of the divine? And he’s fighting the Weather Wizard? Huh?

Why have I not yet seen this film?!?

First, I must see This film!!?!

BLOGUPDATE: The first sentence of the majority of my posts includes a



Go ahead. Inspect. How many first sentences include a (parentheses)? And, if not in first sentences, how many within some subsequent sentence? The number boggles the mind (looks like I need to qualify every sentence!).

I also want to say that I love writing this way, and I will only cease when I am no longer entertained.

The World’s Biggest Machine

13,500 tons. Able to excavate 240,000 tons of coal a day. The ultimate compensatory vehicle for the tiny-peni-ed individual (better than a Tahoe with a machine gun on the front).

You can read the specs at the wikipedia article. Heads up – it’s pretty boring!

Why have I not yet seen this film?!?

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