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Games I Play Biennially: Aqua Slug

And I still haven’t completed it. Godsdamn, I used to think playing your game like Old Crookedhats meants something. Ah, well – a piece of advice, for those that will have it; spam the weapons. You often lose them so quickly, your best bet is to ride hot air balloon to hot air balloon, never laying off the trigger.

My favorite weapon to obtain is the rich boy’s gun:


There’s something damnably satisfying about hitting that prep school¬†schmuck¬†with a shovel as a man. Oh, and lock angle/strafe is a (s and d round out the contr-io).

There it is! Good luck on presumably losing! Or, beat the game, and tell me in the comment section. Goddamnit, I’m on a mission to get people to use these comments, to exeunt the stench of Russian spammers from my mailbox.


*in this instance, Next Time refers to March 31st, 2012