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Moreson Welles

“I’ve always been more interested in experiment than accomplishment”

“But just if I feel strongly enough about something then I don’t regard my career as something so precious that it must come before my convictions”

“I think you can fool the public as much as you can fool your wife”

“Ever? — {for the followup, you must watch the end of the last video posted. it is un-typably golden} — ”


And, not a quote, but the Wisconsin/McCarthy section was illuminating. Melancholy, maybe? But something less fey.

PS – Middle Age Orson Welles kicks a hell of a lot of ass. This is one mean motherfucker (not deploying mean in the pejorative, of course).

Moreson Welles

This is, in all hopefullhood (and likelihood) of execution, the next computrain, not to mention the loose slack from the Magic! section. Have you ever scanned through those? I gotta start separating by crazy magic from confluence magic from beautiful magic from magic that comes in horrorscoping swoops of stupifying comprehension. Speaking of which –