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The Chapman Brothers

These boys now ahheuh Jump Rope, For the glory of god to Chrishtchan music hehhp. Watch now and seengg… see the Chapman brothers ddo… ther jumrope ruutene tto… We will Give Him Gloury.


JD Roth seems like the saddest person in the room. Bren-On seems like the one on the most pain killers.

And holy shit you’d better get your pen and a pad of paper because JD is giving you a real goddamn cheat at 2:50.

Kids in the Hall – Car Ride

These men will never stop being the best.

Magically, this video has usurped “These are the Daves I Know” as my favorite Bruce McCullough sketch. Life is a pretty sweet fruit.

Merlin’s Revenge 2

This is still one of the greatest browser games ever made. It’s goddamn huge. It’s as big as the state of Texas, which is of a formidable size. You could land an airplane on this game. This game would be considered to have a glandular problem, if it wasn’t so goddamn pretty.

Play it, even if you already have.

(also, one of the more legitmate deployments of the Wizard Fight tag)

Time-Lapse ambidexterous drawing of Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins

I don’t know what else you can be led to expect.

Alex Jones Becomes a Super Saiyan

Jacked wholesale from poeTV. I’m on my fourth viewing already.

The Atlas Art of Fernando Vicente

What A Beautiful


Our Love Story: A Personalized DVD

I think I just found my new christmas present for everyone, using two screaming pictures of my head.

Ye-owch! My asshole! Cupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid.

Edarem has something he wants to show you

I think one has to draw their own conclusions at this point.