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Booooow tomeee Faaaaaithfulllly

I submit this almost entirely for the second joke in.

Song of the Moment: “Two”

Two” by The Antlers

Raisin Brahms

An PSA for the Arts from a while back. So many specific visuals have popped out in my head, so here it is, popping out on my blog!

The only reason I’m updating this is to divert my focus away from The Wire Season 4 (a watched wire doesn’t boil, you hear me, shitbird? get to the fucking roofs!).

The Best of What’s Available: Moe’s Tavern in 30 Seconds or Less

And after three, the exhaustive search comes to a close. You’re might be gaping asshole, McNulty, but you’re good police.


Every boy is a homosexual, and every girl is a painted whore. Except for the girl in the yellow and the little black man. Those motherfuckers are straight up, yaheardme.

Every time someone speaks in this video, it sounds like [given speaker] is pushing out a kidney stone.

As always, big up to EverythingisTerrible.

The Greatest Mystery Science Of All Time


Gangster Computer God

X-Flex Blast Protection System

Holy. Fucking. Shit. This is no fucking joke (unless you’re making reference to the tale of The Three Little Pigs, in which case it could very well be a joke). From the website:

The proven method for immediate protection from man-made blast events & natural causes

Fuck yeah! Fuck you!

Captain and Tennille’s “Muskrat Love”

The laugh track hit my ear so hard. I was startled to hell.

At 2:10, the Captain is fucking finger-syncing. And unless this is a music video (the Bangles were after this, right?), Tennille is fucking lip-syncing. The entire operation is a sham. Just a skipper hat and fucking muskrats, is all.