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BLOGUPDATE: Black Belt Jones


For The Russians

Intelligence Squared

Really tremendous continuum of intelligent debate and analysis from divergent viewpoints, this really captures the mind and goes for the soul. How’s that for a fucking tagline? ba-Bam!

I recommend starting with

Yeuf. A Vampire Weekend Music Video.

I don’t know, man. There’s something latently aggravating about this? The RZA, Morpheus? Jake Gyllenhall, Gin Mugging? (in fairness, the Fire Marshall Bill extension on the neck slice was pretty sensational and almost completely redeems his inclusion).

My intelli-gut reaction to this would normally be “Smug Bullshit,” but it can’t even muster up the energy to feel pleased with itself; it can merely exert a presence amidst its sagging fatigue. In a weird way, part of the reason I loved the first Vampire Weekend album was because it felt like something stripped down, a bootleg that I got from a friend. Something clean, undisturbed, unpackaged, unsold – something that wouldn’t need a weezer music video to become Timeless.

It’s feels like it’s built to be, gross, built to be viral. All slow-motion shots. Oddball celebrity cameos. underwhelming pop-culture references, and shitty music. Whoops.

Anyways, pedantry will also lose out to hundreds of millions of dollars. Seeya!

(I’ve switched from beginning every paragraph with a parenthesis to ending every post with a colloquialism)

PBF: Nunez

I was cleaning out my filthpig computer desktop when I stumbled across a handful of Perry Bible Fellowship comics I had copypasted back in the day, which I now present to you.

I actually think about this one a lot; every time I go to the word, the eye in my mind flashes back to the strip, this small, yellow strip. I remember it with a greater frequency than most (if not all) of my scholastic lesson plans, which just goes to show what I would put on the Illinois Local Educational Agency Identification forms. Holla!

Down Below The Street

Anyone taking a nostalgia bath with me? The wistful suds are clambering up to my nose holes, tickling breath with soft remebrance. [pompous statement alert! Ree-oo Ree-oo!!!]

I’m going to categorize this post under “Postmodern Warrior,” but I seriously doubt I’m ever going to bring that plan into action.


Bonus OLDSKL Sesame Street Subterrania-relatia video:

Song of the Moment: Prometheus

Prometheus” by Sound of Rum

Broken Pixels: Bible Adventures and Queen on Queens

The Chinese Lawyer FakeGate